Sensitive skin is our thing!

From preventing shaving rash and ingrown hairs to soothing acne and protecting skin from UV rays, our range has you completely covered. Our trusted and proven 3in1 products are designed to cleanse, treat, and condition your skin with every application, saving you time and saving your skin from stress.

TriShave products work exceptionally well on sensitive skin. It's our thing! Ingrown hair, frequent shaving for heavy beards, and delicate skin on your neck and body will all be protected. We look to nature for solutions and combine them with clever science. Our triactive 3in1 solutions are original, not copied. Dermatologically tested on human volunteers, not on animals. Best of all, we have been around for over 25 years with a proven record of success. All you have to do is find your TriShave solution and enjoy healthy skin every single day.

  • Acne Skin

  • Shaving Rash

  • Heavy Beard

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Body Shave

  • Ingrown Hair

  • Normal Skin

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