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TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme - Women 100g

TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme - Women 100g

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3in1 Anti-rash Shaving Cream for Women With Sensitive Skin

Our unique tried and tested 3in1 Tri-action anti-rash shaving cream formula is scientifically formulated for women with sensitive skin or for shaving sensitive areas of your body. Excellent shaving cream for: legs, bikini areas, acne-prone skin, body.

The 3in1 Difference of TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme for Women: 3 products in one

1, CLEANSER: Cleanses skin and softens body hair and hair follicles as you massage TriShave into your skin

2. SOOTHING SHAVE: Skin-friendly conditioners add an extra protective layer, reducing razor friction, cuts and redness, minimizing ingrown hairs. Helps prevent shaving rash.

3. MOISTURISER - Moisturisers rehydrate and protect freshly shaved delicate skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and looking healthy.

Soap Free Moisturising Helps Prevent Shaving Rash

  • With tea tree oil , known for it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Free of drying soap agents
  • Soothing formula
  • Formulated for women to help prevent shaving rash on legs, bikini line, and underarms
  • Sweet and subtle rose fragrance, luxurious feel
  • A treat to use on all skin types, ideal for sensitive skin

Benefits of Women's TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme Formula

  • Eliminates the need for multiple products
  • Saves your time, money and de-clutters the bathroom
  • You don't need to shave in the bath or shower
  • Shaving with TriShave is easy and mess free
  • TriShave takes the pain out of shaving
  • Health conscious and anyone who wants healthy looking skin
  • Non-aerosol tube packaging is ideal for frequent travelers
  • Compact for your shaving kit and will not hold you up with airport security

TriShave for Women can also be used as a great soothing after-epilation cream.

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