Shaving Tips for Men


If you have sensitive skin, curly hair or a heavy beard, then chances are you are looking for ways to prevent shaving rash.

When choosing a razor, dermatologists recommend fewer blades (its better to cut your skin fewer times).

To help prevent shaving rash take the following steps:

  1. Shower before shaving - this will cleanse your skin preventing contamination and will soften hair bristles preparing for a shave. Showering after shaving may cause a minor degree of dermatitis.
  2. Leave your face wet after a shower or wet your skin if dry. Water is the best hair softener. Your hair needs to be soft to reduce skin irritation.
  3. Gently massage TriShave into your skin. You don’t need to use a lot, it's not a foam. TriShave is a 3in1 formula based on skin conditioners. When you massage TriShave into your skin, you are using it as an anti-bacterial face cleanser as well as a pre-shave softening agent.

    The softer the hair the easier it is to cut. TriShave is based on skin friendly conditioners, which soften hair bristles, reducing razor friction and ingrown hair.  (TriShave helps your razor blade last longer, saving both your skin and your money).  
  4. Make sure you are not shaving too close. This means shaving slowly and gently (no pressure on the blade). 
  5. Shave with the grain, and don’t make too many passes with the razor.  Sometimes it is a problem to find which way the hair grows as it seems that hair grows in 3 different directions. As a powerful beard-softening agent, TriShave makes shaving against the grain more forgiving as razor tends to travel smoother path with less chance of nicks and cuts.

    As a skin conditioner with oils and waxes, TriShave provides a protective layer reducing razor friction. Rinsing your razor frequently in hot water will avoid clogging.  
  6. TriShave 3in1soothing formula also acts as a moisturiser, leaving your skin soft and hydrated after shaving.

TriShave 3in1 Post Shave SPF40+ Moisturising Lotion - Men 80gIf you happen to cut yourself, apply small amount of TriShave to the affected area, it will soothe and disinfect it.

Also, when you shave you are not simply taking off hair, you are taking off a fine layer of skin.  (you are “exfoliating”).  This is why it is important to protect your skin from the elements: follow up with TriShave 3in1 SPF40 Protective Moisturising Lotion Men 80g.

TriShave 3in1 SPF40 Protective Moisturising Lotion replaces the natural protective layer of the skin, soothes and moisturises. It also keeps your facial hair soft, which will help with your next shave to further help prevent shaving rash. It is light and allergy tested.