About Us

Australian Cosmeceuticals is a privately owned and established innovative Australian company. We have developed a small but smart and effective product range TriShave to help solve shaving problems and protect men's skin from skin cancer and premature ageing.

We are not interested in imitating - the world does not need yet another cosmetic company. We are using our creative energy to be of benefit to develop value added therapeutic solutions.

OUR ATTITUDE is that there is no need for a bathroom full of products just to shave and care for your skin. This is why we look for a 3 in One solution in TriShave products. 
If you have tried all the shaving creams on the market and are still not happy, please don't despair. We hope that you will never look back after using TriShave 3in1 Anti-Rash Shave Creme. 

If your skin has already been effected by skin cancer - you know how vital it is to wear sun protection daily. For you we have created with the assistance of an Australian Government Grant an SPF40 Protective Moisturising Lotion which unlike other sunscreen products can be directly applied to just shaved skin. And if your skin is healthy - be smart and use SPF Protective Moisturising Lotion now.

Our customers comment on the high quality and cost savings of TriShave products after switching from expensive brands. 
In fact Customer response to TriShave 3in1 Anti-Rash Shave Creme has been overwhelming. In many cases this was the only product which helped prevent skin irritation caused by shaving. The product which actually delivered on its promise
TriShave is distributed through Woolworths, Coles and Priceline stores and selected pharmacies throughout Australia. Online orders come from around the world for TriShave products customers now love and trust.
Our contract manufacturing facility complies with the strictest guidelines set out by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australian equivalent of FDA) ensuring consistent product quality and supply.

TriShave brand holds an accreditation from Choose Cruelty Free organisation: the ingredients and products themselves have not been tested on animals. We aim wherever possible to use natural based ingredients.

You can contact us with any inquiries whether you are a customer, retailer or a distributor.

Best regards,
Larisa Alexander
Founder & Director