TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme - Women 100g

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TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme - Women 100g TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme - Women 100g

Shaving Cream for Women With Sensitive Skin

Our unique shaving cream formula is specially formulated for women with sensitive skin or for shaving sensitive areas of your body. Excellent shaving cream for: legs, bikini areas, acne-prone skin, body.


The 3in1 Difference of TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme for Women

CLEANSER - Pre-shave cleansers clean the skin and softens hair follicles as you massage TriShave into your skin

CONDITIONER - Skin-friendly conditioners add lubricant to reduce friction, redness & cuts, minimizing ingrown hairs

MOISTURISER - Moisturisers rehydrate and protect freshly shaved delicate skin

Soap Free Moisturising Helps Prevent Shaving Rash

  • With tea tree oil and rose oil
  • Free of drying soap agents
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing formula
  • Formulated for women to help prevent shaving rash on legs, bikini line, and underarms
  • Sweet and subtle fragrance, luxurious feel
  • A treat to use on all skin types, ideal for sensitive skin

Benefits of Women's TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme Formula

  • Eliminates the need for multiple products
  • Saves your time, money and de-clutters the bathroom
  • You don't need to shave in the bath or shower
  • Shaving with TriShave is easy and mess free
  • TriShave takes the pain out of shaving
  • Health conscious and anyone who wants healthy looking skin
  • Non-aerosol tube packaging is ideal for frequent travelers
  • Compact for your shaving kit and will not hold you up with airport security

TriShave for Women can also be used as a great soothing after-epilation cream.

3 Solutions in 1 Product

  1. Cleanser: Cleanses your skin and softens hair follicles as you massage TriShave into your skin.
  2. Skin Conditioner: Skin Friendly conditioners and moisturisers reduce redness and cuts minimising ingrown hair. Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, known for its anti-inflamatory qualities and soothing Rose Oil.
  3. Moisturiser: Leaves skin feeling soft and looking re-hydrated and healthy.