Skin Friendly Guarantee

Skin Friendly or Your Money Back Guarantee

We created TriShave products to help solve shaving problems and care for sensitive skin. So if for any reason you have experienced an allergic reaction after using TriShave products, i.e. redness in and around the shaved area, you will be entitled to a refund . To ensure that all requests for refunds are based on genuine complaints for allergic reaction experienced after using TriShave products please follow conditions below:

Return purchased tube of TriShave product no less than ¾ full. Reason: if an allergic reaction occurs, it will generally happen after the initial use.

Include your name, return mailing address and place of purchase.

Our mailing address:

Australian Cosmeceuticals, 
41/90 Mona Vale Road
Mona Vale NSW 2103

Your refund amount wiil include your purchase price and postage costs of the returned product.  If you purchased online, we will refund the money to your credit card. If you purchased in a retail outlet, we will mail a cheque out to you.

If you do not receive our refund cheque within 14 days of your request, please let us know:

  • Email: 
  • Tel: + 61-2 – 9999 3546
  • Fax: + 61 – 2 – 9997 2003