Testimonial Feed

I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic product. It seems as though that I must have sensitive skin and for years now after shaving I would get acne appearing on my neck and face. After trying your 3-in-1 shaving cream this all stopped and now with a change in my diet (no more eating lots of chocolate) my skin is becoming clearer day by day. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at your company for this range of products. Nick , Australia

I just wanted to send you a note saying how great a product you have developed. I live in the United States and no one has thought of the product you have. I am very sensitive to the sun and for years have had to apply my aftershave and then cover it with a greasy sunscreen. A while back i was searching the Internet and found your website, and immediately ordered a tube of your post shave, I have been using it and am delighted with it. Thanks Again, Bob , USA

I am a dancer, and used to have a horrible time with shaving rash around my bikini line. Since I have been using TriShave, I have not had any ingrown hairs at all and only get rashes when I am lazy and rush or don't use sharp blades (silly, I know!) Anyway, I think your products are great and have recommended it to quite a few of the girls I work. Thank you. J., Australia

I was living in Sydney last year and tried TriShave. I have extremely sensitive skin and had a terrible shaving rash problem at the time, but since I started using TriShave, i havent had any problems ! and thats why I am ordering it from the other side of the world. Tala, U.K.

I am a big fan of the TriShave 3-in-1 post shave SPF 30+ moisturising lotion and i first started using it when i was put on Roaccutane by my dermatologist and i received a little starter kit with free products to help me get by. I found the cream one of a kind!. It was odourless and light yets it's 30+ UVA/UVB and does not irritate my skin. Lam, Australia