How to Get Rid of Shaving Rash

Perhaps you've suffered from unsightly bumps, ingrown hairs, or shaving rash for years—but you’re still unsure of how to eliminate the problem. Medically known as Pseudofo­lliculitis barbae (PFB), shaving rash (or razor rash) is an inflammatory response of the body caused by ingrown hairs as a result of shaving. We hope this informative guide, put together from our experience and customer feedback, will help banish razor rash for good! Here are some simple steps that will help you to see a difference in a matter of days.

1. Select Your Razor

The first step in getting rid of a shaving rash on your neck and/or face is to choose the right razor.

Let’s face it; if you didn't shave you would not have the problem of shaving rash. The reason it is sometimes called razor rash is because this irritation is caused by a razor cutting your facial hair too close to your skin. How? Although many razor types exist, for purposes of this guide, we will focus on the most commonly used razor – the multi-blade razor. We will discuss the benefits of other types of razors in future posts. Multi-blade razors can provide easy, quick, close shaves - but often at the expense of skin irritation. Contrary to popular assumptions, in general more blades do not necessarily equal a better shave. Currently, you can choose a razor that includes anywhere from one to six blades. Three blades are generally enough for most guys. You only need more blades if you have particularly tough beards and don’t suffer irritation at all. We recommend three blade razors.

Disposable or cartridge razor? It’s really your preference. In reality there is very little difference between a quality cartridge razor and a quality disposable razor, although price may differentiate the two types over the long term. Make sure your blades are sharp - a dull blade can hurt you and is a factor in causing shaving rash.

2. Shower or Wet Your Face Before Shaving

Run warm water over your beard area or soak your face with a warm washcloth prior to shaving.

Why? Water and steam help open up the pores to keep them clean throughout the shaving process, minimizing the risk of irritation. The warm water also hydrates and helps to soften the hair prior to shaving. Make sure you don't over-shower or over-wash - this may cause minor dermatitis which looks like shaving rash. (so don't put your face under a hot shower and stay there for a long time..)

3. Apply TriShave 3in1 Anti-rash Shave Creme

If you have tried everything else and still suffer from shaving rash, let TriShave help you.

TriShave 3in1 Shave Crème is different from other types of shaving creams. It is not a gel, and it is not a foaming cream. You don't need to use much of TriShave – it is non-foaming and is a soap-free concentrate so it will last you longer once you get the hang of it. You will need to find your groove especially if you are used to foaming creams or gels, but it will be worth it.

A common amount of TriShave to use is a line from the tip of your index finger to the first joint in your finger. This small amount is generally enough, but use an amount that fits your personal preference. Apply about a quarter of this to each of your cheeks and to each half of your neck. If the area around your Adam’s apple is really sensitive, just a small extra drop for this area can really help. Massage TriShave into your skin with fingertips to provide an even non-foaming cover. When you massage TriShave into your skin, you are actually cleansing the skin and lightly exfoliating at the same time. This is why it is a 3in1 product: pre-shave cleansing is its first function.

TriShave's non-foaming cover lets you see where you are going. This is especially helpful for those who have acne and pre-existing skin irritation. TriShave's protective skin barrier is based on conditioners and oils, making your shaving smooth and reducing friction between the blade and your skin. You will find that your blades will last longer, saving your skin and money.

4. Wait, Then Shave

Let it work. Wait 30 seconds for TriShave to condition your beard prior to shaving.

Some of our customers tell us they like to leave TriShave on their skin for a few seconds to let it condition their skin and soften the hair in preparation for shaving. If time allows, you may want to try this, but it's up to you. Shave in the direction of hair growth and don't make too many passes with your razor over the same area, especially if your hair is curly and if you have sensitive skin. Tea Tree Oil in TriShave's soft conditioning base is delivered gently into your skin acting as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent further helping prevent ingrown hair, shaving bumps and skin irritation.

While shaving, rinse your razor after each stroke to keep it from becoming clogged up with hair. Electric wet shavers need only be rinsed after several strokes, or each quarter of the face.

5. Pat Your Skin Dry or Rinse After Shaving

TriShave is compatible with your skin and you don't need to rinse it off completely.

TriShave is different than most other shaving creams and gels. You may find that just by patting your skin dry and leaving a light protective TriShave barrier, your skin will feel soft and moisturised while the tea tree oil will keep working on your skin long after you shave. If you prefer to rinse your skin, then rinse it off lightly in cool water and you still will feel the same effect. When using most other shaving preparations on the market, you must rinse your skin thoroughly as any residue may dry out or irritate your skin. This is the key difference between TriShave 3in1 Anti-rash Shave Creme and other products. If you happened to cut yourself or if you have pre-existing flair up spots on your face like acne or ingrown hairs, you can dab a tiny amount of TriShave on these areas after you shave to help reduce inflammation. You would not normally think that you could get these types of benefits out of one product, but this is the genius of TriShave.

6. Moisturise Your Skin After Shaving

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Moisturise to keep your skin and hair follicles soft.

During shaving, you remove not only the hair, but also the natural protective layer of your skin, so it’s very important that you replace this protective layer after shaving. We recommend you apply TriShave 3in1 SPF40 Protective Moisturising Lotion. It is fragrance free and has an ultra-light, non-greasy texture, yet this product provides gentle protection against wind and other environmental factors and also creates a powerful sunscreen barrier against the damaging rays of the sun. TriShave 3in1 Post Shave SPF40 Protective Moisturising Lotion is perfect for everyone, and is ideal for people with sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.

BONUS Shaving Tips

  • Avoid alcohol based colognes, as they may irritate your skin, especially in the areas of shaving rash or skin irritation.
  • Acne medication users - If you are on acne medication, TriShave products will help you deal with the side effects of sun-sensitivity and shaving problems associated with common medications. Recommended by Australian dermatologists for more than 15 years, because it works.
  • Shave with one stroke per area. Multiple passes remove more of your sensitive skin layers.
  • TriShave 3in1 Anti-rash Shave Creme works equally well as a standalone disinfecting face wash as it does a shave cream.
  • It could take a few days to several weeks for your shaving rash condition to improve. Stick with the program, and don't give up.
  • Shaving should be enjoyable! It's often a first-thing morning ritual. Establish your own TriShave shaving ritual according to your personal preferences.

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