TriShave 3in1 Anti-Rash Shave Creme - Men 100g

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TriShave 3in1 Anti-Rash Shave Creme - Men 100g Shave Creme for Sensitive or Normal Skin

Shaving Cream for Men With Sensitive Skin

Our unique shaving cream formula is specially formulated for men with sensitive skin or skin that gets irritated from traditional shaving creams. Excellent shaving cream for: face, bald head, acne-prone skin, body.

A therapeutic mens shaving cream that helps men with the following skin conditions: acne, razor bumps, shaving rash, ingrown hairs, rosacea, thin skin, users of Accutane (Isotretinoin), heavy beard, curly beard, infected follicles, razor burn, pimples, or sensitive skin.

The 3in1 Difference of TriShave Shave Cream

CLEANSER - Pre-shave cleansers clean the skin and soften facial hair for a close comfortable shave

CONDITIONER - Skin lubricants add extra protective layer to reduce friction during shaving

MOISTURISER - Moisturisers rehydrate and protect freshly shaved skin

Recommended by Dermatologists

Independently tested by dermatologists with a proven success record of helping prevent shaving rash and razor bumps.

Anti-rash Soap-free Shave Cream

  • Skin friendly PH
  • No animal fats
  • No soap, non-foaming
  • No sodium laurel sulfate
  • WITH soft conditioners + Australian Tea Tree essential oil + Lavender Essential oil - known for their anti-bacterial qualities

Benefits of Mens TriShave 3in1 Anti-Rash Shaving Cream

  • Problem solver for men with sensitive skin or acne prone skin
  • Helps prevent shaving rash, ingrown hairs, acne
  • Softening agents for men with heavy beards
  • Gentle formula is good for frequent shaving
  • Health conscious and anyone who wants healthy looking skin
  • Non-aerosol tube packaging is ideal for frequent travelers
  • Compact for your shaving kit and will not hold you up with airport security

3 Solutions in 1 Product

It is a complete skin maintenance regime in one tube - for shaving, moisturising and cleansing. Specifically designed to help prevent skin irritation caused by shaving.

  1. Pre-Shave: Cleanses skin and softens facial hair for a close comfortable shave.
  2. Soothing Shave: Extra protective layer reduces friction, minimises ingrown hair, helps prevent shaving rash.
  3. Moisturiser: Leaves skin feeling soft and looking re-hydrated and healthy.

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    Shave creme

    Posted by Derek Parker on 1st Aug 2021

    I have been using the shave creme for the past ten years, and now in the UK have to order it fro Australia because I can't contemplate using any of the others I have tried. This is simply the bes.