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TriShave 3in1 Anti-Rash Shave Creme - Men 100g

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  • "Many thanks for your prompt attention to my request for TriShave samples, which arrived within just a day or two. I am delighted to report that in my view, having shaved daily for a great many years, they rank highly in terms of efficacy and gentleness on the skin and beard. In particular, the anti-rash shave cream's low lather's consistency remains on the skin long enough to make it easy to tackle even the most awkward areas of stubble, such as around the nostrils and upper lip, whilst its tea tree fragrance is both refreshing and distinctly masculine. It rinses off cleanly, and, when followed by the non-greasy post shave moisturising lotion, quickly sets up the skin for the day ahead, whether indoors, or outside to help protect from harmful UV rays.How gratifying to find such quality products that are so affordable, and the fact that they are made right here in Australia. Infinitely preferable to messy mass-market aerosol creams and expensive shave oils that only serve to clog the razor, TriShave is a unique shaving experience that does the job, and does it well"

    G. B., Australia

  • "My congratulations on what a great product TriShave is. I have been looking for an effective australian made/owned product for sometime. Your product excells!!"

    A. M., Australia

  • This is just a small letter to congratulate you on your product "TriShave 3 in One" shaving cream. My husband was forever having problems with shaving creams until I bought "Tri Shave". He no longer gets shaving rash or the burning after effects. This is great relief for me as I no longer have to put up with the complaints after he shaves. I have now started to use your product and can feel the difference. I just thought I'd take the time to let you know what a great product my husband and i think you have!"

    K.A, Australia

  • "I've recently been to see a dermatologist about a shaves rash, and he recommended that I use you product called Tri Shave. Which I did and it helped unbelievable well."

    C.T., Australia

  • "Whilst on holiday in Queensland recently, my husband discovered your shaving cream as detailed above [TriShave 3 in One Shaving cream with Tea Tree Oil]. Having the misfortune of extremely sensitive skin, he is absolutely delighted with your product. However, on our return home to the ACT we have been unable to locate a source for it here."

    Dr.M.R, Australia

  • ...TriShave certainly controls the irritant effects of razor rash. I read a letter in a national magazine which spoke of the success achieved through using this product and my husband bought some to use as a soothing agent after using his electric razor. He wishes to use it all the time now as it has solved his problem. We have been telling everyone about it, and even a skin specialist here in Hobart said that there is nothing that can be done about razor rash because it is caused by ingrown hairs. Well, the ingredients in TriShave sooth the resultantinflammation, reduce redness to virtually nil, and it also has a pleasant scent (not too heavy on the teatree agent)."

    A.W, Australia

  • "My husband had recently bought the TriShave Shaving Cream for shaving his beard off, and now that he has a clean face after all these years, he needed some sun protection after he had shaved. The daily face protectant is a fantastic product. Not only does his skin feel great after shaving, it's possibly the best after-shave lotion I've ever smelt on him...."

    Tracy. , Australia

  • I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic product. It seems as though that I must have sensitive skin and for years now after shaving I would get acne appearing on my neck and face. After trying your 3-in-1 shaving cream this all stopped and now with a change in my diet (no more eating lots of chocolate) my skin is becoming clearer day by day. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at your company for this range of products.

    Nick , Australia

  • I recently purchased the anti-rash 3in1 cream that you guys sell and I couldn't believe the difference it makes to shaving! Each stroke is so much smoother now and it refreshes my skin each time I shave. I just wanted to pass on how glad I am about finding this product!

    Michael, Australia

  • I was very happy to find that I could order TriShave on the Internet. I lived in Sydney for about a year and returned to U.S with a 2-year supply of TriShave. I am now on my last container and feared i would have to switch back to American shaving cream. Many Thanks!

    Doug, USA

  • I first tried your products when i was in Australia. I immediately bought 10 tubes which i have carefully rationed. Your products are the very best ! Good on ya, and thanks

    John, USA

  • I spent several months in Australia and began to use your product, TriShave 3-in-1 shave cream. I love it. I even brought several tubes back to the U.S with me....

    Richard, USA

  • I was living in Sydney last year and tried TriShave. I have extremely sensitive skin and had a terrible shaving rash problem at the time, but since I started using TriShave, i havent had any problems ! and thats why I am ordering it from the other side of the world.

    Tala, U.K.

  • What a great product ! And i couldnt believe how cheap it was. I have nearly finished the tube of TriShave given to me by my Australian lodger. It's lasted me over two months and i have had no problems with ingrown hairs/spots since using it. Fab!

    Julian, UK

  • Have been home, England for over 3 months now after travelling for over 9 months around the world. Just recently my 3in1 shaving cream has been beginning to run out. I bought the 100g tube in Australia abouth the 3rd week into my trip and had to get some more... I looked on the site and ordered 3 more (to last the next year and a half!!!) so good that you do overseas deliveries... Thanks for selling such good stuff, its light (good for travelling) lasts absolutely ages and good on budget. Doesnt sting oh so sensitive face (!!) and the smell of it reminds me of all those amazing places that I have had to shave.. Cheers for selling the best shaving cream in the world (I know I have been there)

    Nat, UK

  • I have been using your product during my last holiday in OZ and the least that I can say that it is just terrific.

    Bruno, France

  • I first tried TriShave shaving cream in 2001 while travelling in Australia. Since then I kept on using your superb cream even now I am back in Holland for 5 years. No other product like it. Thanks !!

    Jan, Holland

  • I have been using your product for some 4-5 years now and refuse to use any other product. Therein lies the problem. I am living in China having recently moved from Malaysia and have run out of TriShave much to the irritation of my skin. Good that you deliver anywhere in the world.

    David, China

  • A while ago I was in Australia and i purchased TriShave shaving cream. I was very pleased with it since i usually have skin problems after shaving. Thanks

    Aviv , Israel

  • I have been recommended your products by a friend of mine. I used to find shaving very painful and he recommended your products. Thank you very much

    Itzik, Israel  

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TriShave 3in1 SPF40 Protective Moisturising Lotion - Men 80g

Previously SPF30+ , this new improved formula is a high protection sunscreen with stronger broad spectrum protection

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  • I am a big fan of the TriShave 3-in-1 post shave SPF 30+ moisturising lotion and i first started using it when i was put on Roaccutane by my dermatologist and i received a little starter kit with free products to help me get by. I found the cream one of a kind!. It was odourless and light yets it's 30+ UVA/UVB and does not irritate my skin.

    Lam, Australia

  • .....my son , who is 18, has been using your TriShave Post Shave SPF 30+ for the past 6 months and has found it very beneficial. He suffers from severe acne and was put on RoAccutane for his skin. One of the side effects of this acne medicine is the fact that the skin becomes very dry and flaky and is also very susceptible to sun. After trying several moisturisers on the market, I bought yours and I can say that since my son has started using them, he is very impressed. Whereas before he had to apply moisturiser and sunblock several times a day, he now shaves with TriShave Shaving Cream and then only applies the TriShave 3in1 Post Shave Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+ once a day. According to him it is not greasy and protects against the sun and also keeps his skin moist. He also said that he would inform the dermatologist who is treating him for his acne of the success he has had with your products

    C.T., Australia

  • I just wanted to send you a note saying how great a product you have developed. I live in the United States and no one has thought of the product you have. I am very sensitive to the sun and for years have had to apply my aftershave and then cover it with a greasy sunscreen. A while back i was searching the Internet and found your website, and immediately ordered a tube of your post shave, I have been using it and am delighted with it. Thanks Again

    Bob , USA

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TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme - Women 100g

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  • I am a dancer, and used to have a horrible time with shaving rash around my bikini line. Since I have been using TriShave, I have not had any ingrown hairs at all and only get rashes when I am lazy and rush or don't use sharp blades (silly, I know!) Anyway, I think your products are great and have recommended it to quite a few of the girls I work. Thank you.

    J., Australia

  • I am a Finnish Flight Attendant. I got to know your products while on leave from my work. I must tell you that not before or after that i have come across a better shaving product than your Women's Tri-Shave. I am dying to get that product since it's beyond all dispute THE BEST leg-shaving product in the whole world.

    Liisa , Finland

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